Philatelic Snippets Index

Philatelic Snippets Index


First U.S. Hologram Postal Stationary – On December 3, 1989, the USPS issued its first postal item to be produced with a hologram.

Austrian Pioneer of Space Travel Honoured – Herman Potocnik was born on 22 December 1892, and in space literature he is known as the inventor and discoverer of the synchron course where -today’s geostationary satellites are placed.

USSR Cosmic Post Cover – The Souvenir cover illustrated, commemorates the Third Principle Expedition to ‘Salut—6”.

JULES VERNE (1828-1905) – The science fiction writer has been a source of inspiration for scientists.

Vostok Two – Remembered – Just sixteen days after America has completed it’s last Manned Sub-orbital flight, and almost six months before…

Reach For your Dreams – A Tribute to Apollo 15 Astronaut Colonel James Irwin who died in August 1991.

What Does It Say? – The following is a Translation from the illustrated pair of stamps.

Harvey sees the last of MIR – ASSS Treasurer Harvey Duncan returned in early April from an extended stay in the Antipodes.

Most Confidential – For Members Eyes Only – Your intrepid compiler has come across many interesting and odd things in his search through the catalogues etc.

Visiting the Anglo-Australian Observatory – The Observatory overlooking the Warrumbungle National Park, Northwest New South Wales.

A Rare Cancel for Nimbus – You have no doubt all heard of Nimbus, the series of meteorological satellites which the USA launched between 1964 and 1978/9.

The Great Montserrat Halley’s Comet Rip Off – Harvey Duncan gives substance to a suspicion we all have had about the exploitation of stamp collectors purchasing issues of doubtful integrity…..

Anaheim Eclipse – Linn’s Stamp News reports that the U.S. $11.75 Earth hologram stamp has been found in a near-eclipse format. Only one of this remarkable error has been reported, advises John Berry.

ASSS Success at ‘To the Stars 2001’ – The all Russia philatelic exhibition devoted to the 40th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight was held at the historical down town cultural centre Red Palace of the 17th Century….

Postage Stamps for first Danish Satellite – On Wednesday 13th January, 1999, the Danish Post Office authorities issued a 4 Kr pictorial stamp, showing an artists impression of Denmark’s first scientific satellite poised high above Earth in lasting tribute, writes Bert Van Eijck.

I.S.S. at Last – No one interested in space flight can have missed it, delayed, behind schedule, but on 20.11.98 we had the start of the International Space Station.

German Cosmos Stamps – On 14th October 99 the German Post Office put on sale a series of five thematic stamps celebrating the Cosmos.

John Glenn breaks the law – Unpleasantness ensued when the U.S.P.S. in Houston censored a special postmark brought out by the flight control centre.

Glenn stamps from Tiny States – Three states in the Pacific Islands Balau (formerly Palau), Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands still associated with the US brought out their own stamps to mark the return to space by Glenn on launch date 29/10/98.