Scotty Continues To Explore

In the sci-fi classic Star Trek actor James Doohan played the Scottish Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott `Scotty` aboard the Starship Enterprise. Sadly the Canadian actor died on July 20. 2005 but he has still continued with travel in the final frontier. In 2008 entrepreneur and private astronaut Richard Garriott smuggled some of James Doohan`s ashes aboard the International Space Station. Garriott had planned it with Doohan`s son Chris and with the approval of the Doohan family. Garriott hid a laminated card with Doohan`s photo and some of his ashes under cladding of the floor of the ISS Columbus module. His resting place is now among the stars.

 A portion of his ashes 1/4 ounce ( 7 grams) were launched on a SpaceLoft XL rocket on April 28, 2007 when the rocket briefly enter the space environment in a four minute flight. His ashes were recovered when the rocket parachuted back to Earth after the sub-orbital flight. These ashes were once again aboard a Falcon 1 rocket which launched on August 3. 2008 to low Earth orbit,  unfortunately  the rocket failed two minutes into flight.

 On May 22. 2012 a portion of his ashes were carried aboard the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket which carried the Dragon COTS Demo Flight 2 or C2+ to the International Space Station. Flown as a re-flight and part of a Celestis memorial canister payload

 The rest of James Doohan`s ashes were scattered over Puget Sound in Washington.

James Doohan

Candian stamp of `Scotty`.

James Doohan`s final resting place

Star Trek stamps with Scotty

St Vincent Star trek stamps