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Message from the Chairman

I have asked the Editor for a little space just to say Hello to everyone and to thank the ASSS for electing me as the new Chairman. I shall do my best to promote the Society and uphold its good name.

This will be the first of an occasional series of short messages and I would like to use this one to thank all involved with the Society’s participation in Autumn STAMPEX. A number of members prepared interesting and attractive exhibits, some competitive and some invited, and these were displayed in frames on the upper gallery. The organisers provided a large banner with the Society’s name and we were featured on three pages in the catalogue.

The Society also had a stand at the exhibition and my first task, as “Chairman” was to go and find some chairs for people to sit on! It was just as well we had some chairs because quite a few members and friends called for a chat and several new member joined. Special thanks to Eric Simmonds who staffed the stand full time for the first two days.

En route to London, I visited the Minehead Philatelic Society to give a display in honour of Sir Arthur C. Clarke who was born there. All societies and organisations in Minehead had been invited to do something special during the year 2001, and I was delighted to be part of this. Sir Arthur’s brother came along to the meeting and very kindly presented me with some beautiful space souvenirs and also a ballpen with some very amusing wording printed on the barrel — “Stolen from Sir Arthur C. Clarke”. Those members who have received a Certificate of Participation for their display at STAMPEX may be interested to know that I used that pen to sign the certificates.

We are a very scattered Society, which made the meetings at STAMPEX so special. However, I just wonder if it might not be possible for some regional meetings to be arranged. Please give this some thought and if anyone would like to co-ordinate a meeting in their own area, do let me know.

Winter is nearly here, which usually signals an upsurge in philatelic activities. Happy collecting!

Margaret Morris

Competitive Results from STAMPEX

Astrophilatelic exhibits:

Bart Beimers — Stepping Stones to Space — 80 (Vermeil)

David Saunders — Manned Russian Space flights — 71 (Silver)

Margaret Morris — Detector Story — 81 (Vermeil)

Arie Olckers — American Space Shuttle — 72 (Silver)

Literature exhibits:

Club Nederland — 66 (Bronze Silver)

Orbit — 68 (Bronze Silver)

Displays from ASSS members (non competitive)

From Jeff Dugdale – Yuri Gagarin (3 frames), Apollo XI (3), First Britons in Space, First Americans, First Shuttle flight, First ever space walk, First Woman in space, China Prepares to Put a man in space.

From Harvey Duncan — Halley’s Comet (4)

From Eric Simmonds — Nicolaus Copernicus (3)

From Ivor Steadman — Manned Space Flight

From Ray Billings — Space themed postcards

Other displays came from Francis KiddIe, and non member Frank Jones.

Members Who Called In

Also known to have called in at our stand during the five days of STAMPEX were the following members and friends of the Society — Mike Wiles, Bill Pile, John Guy, David Saunders, Arie Olckers, Godfrey Winston, Harvey Duncan, Jeff Dugdale, Ian Stirman, Gordon Stirman, Francis KiddIe.

Margaret Morris also reports that the founder of our Society, though no longer active in the ASSS — Robin Cleator also dropped in to say hello.

New Members

Two new members — Trefor Jones of Caernarfon, Gwynedd and Alex Richenduller of Highams Park, London — joined at our stand and we hope that others will have been attracted by our publicity and will have joined later as a result.

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