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What philatelic items are appropriate?

The necessary information to record an astronautic event cannot be offered by stamps because they usually give a scant reference to a particular event but not much more. How can we record philatelically where, how and when a particular rocket has been launched; the ship that recovered the crew who returned from space; a deep space probe that had an encounter with a planet or satellite or which control centre managed a difficult mission?

Philatelic covers and cards postally cancelled and cacheted at launching sites, mission control centres, tracking stations, research laboratories, training astronaut complexes, and recovery ships are the key Astrophilatelic items, and as such as necessary in any Astrophilatelic collection. Many such items have official cachets applied to commemorate the relevant projects.

Worldwide collectors have sent, and continue sending, covers and cards to those selected sites, to get them cancelled on the actual day of the event. Often receiving the official rubber cachet prepared for that particular space mission or project.

If you join us collecting ASTROPHILATELY, you will be able to record through the pages of your collection, the never-ending story of human endeavour to conquer outer Space.

by FIP Section for Astrophilately

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