Welcome to the Wonderful World of Stamp Collecting! Here we hope to provide you with practical ideas on the best way of starting your own stamp collection. No one is too young (or too old) to have fun with stamps, so we’ll try to answer the questions that puzzle stamp collectors of all ages.

What is ASTROPHILATELY? From the beginning of time, humans have looked up at the heavens and wondered what lay beyond the world that we know.
How to Avoid Common Mistakes as a Stamp Collector – If you collect for fun, you will have lots of it. But if you collect for profit you will have very little profit or fun.

How to get space covers yourself – A cover is an envelope that was cancelled at the very launch, landing or mission date of a spacecraft.

Getting Started in Stamp Collecting – Of greatest importance to the stamp collector is finding a source of collectible postage stamps at little or no cost.

Collecting Soviet Space Postmarks – Building up a stamp collection on Spaceflight of Russia always offered a specific challenge for stamp collectors outside Socialist countries.

A Little Knowledge……The Cyrillic Alphabet – He said he hadn’t much idea who some of them were because he couldn’t read the captions underneath.

Writing up your Collection – In ‘Writing Up’ you are making this general collection a truly Thematic one. To do this sub-division is the answer.

Let’s Met – The Astro Space Stamp Society is not the only club on the world, and you might meet friendly and interesting people, new stamps and covers.

Collect Space Artifacts – I decided to go for artifacts, as I knew they would be difficult to obtain and not the type of item you could buy.

Is Stamp Collecting a Serious Business or Can One Have Fun? – Some thoughts from Harvey Duncan

Stamp Collecting Resource Links – links to web sites aimed toward youth and beginner international collectors.

Space Patches